Matthew George
Social Studies (7th grade)
Building/Department Assignments
Yorktown Middle School - District Staff
Biographical Information

*Born: May 22, 1967 in Lima, Ohio

 *Youngest of 7 children

*Colleges attended: OSU, Nova Southeastern, Grand Canyon University

* Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Master Degree in Education

*  I have taught 14 years at Yorktown, 21 overall.

* I have been involved in coaching middle school baseball, football, basketball, softball, and volleyball. I have also coached varsity volleyball and softball.

* I care strongly about Yorktown and our students, Some of my most enjoyable instances are from former students who ask for a reference, or have a positive life success story they want to share. Many of them speak of the great time they had at Yorktown Middle School and how much they miss those days.